Sympra Privacy Policy

Dear user, welcome to the implementation of the Sympra .
The following agreement, provide to our valued users of TCM information and provisions on the provision of services.
Sympra Application entering or in the application forms can be filled out on a per-user terms of service is deemed to have accepted the provisions contained in the will.

Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy

1. All documents are the property of TCM in the application. These documents are required to be seen in the on-line system may be copied, reproduced, except for the State. Regardless of the number specified in the list above, the pages of the site for your personal use, you can get the output of a printer. The aforementioned general principle regardless of the TCM, site wallpaper, screen saver and give the possibility to download other programs.
2. If you want to create a link with the site this link should be directed to the home page of TCM. (
3. Sympra application, any price, information, images, descriptions and news; just "information" advertising and informational. The user has no way to read "information" on the website is incorrect or this information cannot claim pursuant to the damage suffered. If the user intends to make a process of taking the information from the reference, final and reliable information, are available from TCM is obliged and posted on the website of the information due to lack of TCM is not responsible for any user materials.
4. Change the content of the site at any time, TCM, change any service provided to users or reserves the right to terminate. TCM, web site to be accurate although made provision, in all kinds of site available or any warranty regarding any errors that occur.
5. A criminal complaint for the user of the public authority or official request for investigation and/or user TCM will interfere with the operation of the systems or the functioning of any electronic sabotage or attack that will change what he did is found, TCM, the credentials of the user research and legal authorities have notice.
6. When you visit TCM this application directly (if you provide the requested information) or indirectly (e.g.: internet entry records) may collect personal information about you.
7. TCM, (if you do not intentionally) information that identifies the person who will be collecting about you (such as name, address, telephone number, or email address) ("personal information").If you disclose your personal information to TCM, this information in the future, marketing, market research, tracking of sales information and contact you for such purposes will be stored for use by TCM.In addition, TCM, this information within their own groups of potential third-party companies and authorized vendors can transfer the same purposes. You unsolicited personal information if you provide us with this information, we use this in the manner specified in the application approved.
8. Due to the nature of Internet information on the internet you can wander and without sufficient security measures taken by non-authorized may be used. This will damage the usage and use was born is not the responsibility of TCM.
9. In some cases, non-specific to your personal information may be collected. Examples of this type of information, you use your internet browser type, your operating system, access to our website or the domain name of sites that you reach ad.
10. The application can be put in information on your computer when you visit. This information, information token ("cookie") format or the like will be the kind of file and will help us in a couple of ways. For example; cookies, application and advertisements to your interests, and help us to edit according to your preferences. Almost all internet browser on the hard disk, delete cookies, avoid writing or to receive a warning message before saving it. For more information on this topic, please see your browser help files and user documentation.
11. Disputes that may arise between Users with TCM, TCM will be accepted as evidence of electronic records.
12. Implementation of the Sympra "conditions of use" is any item, change without notice, have the right to cancel the refresh or. Amended, renewed or repealed provision, in respect of the provision to all users in the release date.
13. According to the laws of the Republic of Turkey on the implementation of the established and operated. About the application of the laws of the Republic of Turkey in the solution of disputes shall apply and the Turkish courts shall have jurisdiction.
Sympra Application Privacy Policy